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3 DIY Bath Recipes, Courtesy Of Earth Tu Face

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Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile for Lonny.
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With the pace of post-summer life picking up and the madness of the holidays not too far off, you have to remember to sneak in some R&R. And, it's no wonder we’re seeing good-to-your-body bath soaks popping up all over boutique shelves. Even more exciting?

It’s completely possible to whip up your own all-natural salt or oil blends at home. To find out how, we caught up with Sarah Buscho, half of the herbalist duo behind luxe, purely plant-based skincare brand Earth Tu Face.

Sarah raided her stunning Oakland, California-based apothecary, grabbing ingredients like organic rose petals, safflower oil, ylang ylang essential oil and more, to create three tinctures to detoxify, ground and nourish the mind and body. Here are all the recipes you need to turn your home tub into a spa-like experience.